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My name is Abigail Marroquin “Abby” and I am a Nutritionist with a passion to inspire everyone  to eat simple & wholesome foods. Through my catering & meal prep services, I show people how food can be prepared nutritiously.

On this blog, I will let my food do most of the talking. I will also discuss food related topics such as: my favorite foods, my favorite food, food discoveries, diet, & groceries. I plan to share personal updates on my workout routine  and lifestyle.

I support and incorporate local, organic, & ethnic foods into my meals. I shop and prep affordably because I believe everyone should know how to eat healthy regardless of their salary. The purpose of my “food talks” is to inspire individuals to purse a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

In anything that my meal prep service has to offer, you can learn more on


My whole life, I have had a love & hate relationship with food. Occasionally family reminds me that at an early age, I was always asking if the food I ate would make me fat. I knew I loved food but I was always paranoid that it would turn me into Blueberry fat like Violet, the girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I felt the weight creep up on me as my fear of food became apparent in high school when I weighed my heaviest 149 lbs. I thought I was never going to be “skinny” until I witnessed a weight transformation in my sister. She had started CrossFit & converted into a paleo snob. I was sold, and I too wanted to transform my body by exercising and dieting. However, I was not educated on how to achieve such change and I quickly developed a fear of food.  I became obsessed with dieting and when I saw how food could impact my weight, oh boy, that’s when I forgot about nutrition and quickly developed an eating disorder. I counted every calorie that went into my body and I exercised non-stop. Yes, I lost 25 lbs. but, I wasn’t healthy. My hair started to fall & I didn’t get my period for 3 years. The last straw was when I realized how my knees were becoming affected because of my diet. I was constantly getting injured from just from walking! It was then when I realized I had to fix my relationship with food. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. Now that I am educated, I hope that my “food talks”, will educate others on the fact that nutrition does not always mean a size 0, it means loving our bodies so much that we are mindful of what goes in it

Thank you for checking me out! I would love to talk to you more & help out in any possible!


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