About the House of Daisy

House of Daisy was born out of a love and appreciation for house music. We are a virtual service business based out of the Chicagoland area, home to the roots of house music. In the belief that music brings people together, this platform was created as the go to place for all things house music.

Going to house events globally, led to the discovery of a common thread throughout my experiences: folks fell into the joyful collective groove that is the essence of house. One does not have to be a "house head" to enjoy the experience of house music. All one needs to do, is let the music take the soul, and let it move the body. There are no judgements in house.....just feel the groove!

What we offer

House of Daisy offers a network of music lovers and influencers of house music.

Moreover, we offer services and products:

Social Responsibility

House of Daisy is a social enterprise that seeks to maximize improvements in social and environmental well-being. We are always on the lookout for opportunities that support or collaborate with causes that align with our house values.

Oh, and by the way...why "Daisy"?

"Daisy" is one of a couple origin meanings for my given name, Margaret; and daisies come in many varieties....like people; thus, the House of Daisy. Welcome to my house!

Love, peace and harmony