About Score A Goal!

Score A Goal! is a soccer organization who will be recruiting very talented individuals regardless of their social class or background. We are always open to opportunties and helping the young talented soccer players to achieve their dreams.


Recruting will be done in different methods. We will be recuriting for our organization and recruiting for community colleges or universities. Score A Goal! has a variety of coaches who have the heart and dedication for look for talent. Our recruiting will start from all levels, the beginners to the most experience. Even if some want some training in soccer, Score A Goal! is open for that as well. You won't know your passions without first trying it. Score A Goal! wants to give everyone the opportunity to try.


All the coaches Score A Goal! has are experience soccer players who have spend various of years in the soccer industry, starting off with the creater of Score A Goal!

Angela Martinez (Creator)

Ms. Martinez started her soccer career during her freshman year in high school. She started playing in the junior varsity team. After her freshman year, she got moved to the varsity team. During her senior year in high school, she became captain of the varsity team. Also, in her senior year of high school, Ms. Martinez got recruited to play at Morton College, in their Division I community college conference. She played her two years at Morton and then headed out to play semi-professional indoor soccer with Chicago Warriors for a season.

Ms. Martinez started her coaching career early. She started coaching children in the Lil Kickers' soccer program at the age of 17 and coached kids ranging from the ages of 18 months to 10 year olds. She coached kids in Lil Kickers' for about a year and then move to coach different small clubs. Ms. Martinez continues to play soccer in small leagues and always is giving her all for her passion in soccer.