Jus Believe Company Overview

1. We are a 501C3 Organization
2. Seeks to be an advocate for youth to be a voice in media by exposing them to the wide range of media outlets such as television, radio, and Internet programming
3. Jusbelieve’s ultimate aim is to provide youth with a solid professional path that they can continue to pursue in their college careers while in the meantime gaining knowledge of media broadcasting and public speaking.
4. Competitive program provides education, training and support for students through after-school programs. The program broadcasts worldwide on the Internet with all aspects of production, programming, and on-air activities orchestrated by the JBI staff and high school students.
5. As a result of participating in the program, students gain skills that will help them gain understanding of media broadcasting and public speaking.
Founded in 2004 and launched officially in 2009.


1. JusBelieve, Inc. provides a hands-on experience and learns all different types of media broadcasters. Our students will gain insight into game coverage, behind-the-scenes activities and learn about broadcasting from the professionals.

2. JusBelieve, Inc. adds value to the youth lives through programs and services that inform, educate, and inspire our youth, parents, community
members and beyond.

Oraganizational Goal's

Positively impact the number of students pursuing careers in broadcast journalism.

Prepare the next generation of talent to shape the ever-changing media landscape.

Increase the awareness of different forms of media broadcasting by making them entertaining and accessible.


We are fully committed to our students and provide all of the tools and resources we have at our disposal to make a difference in their lives.
We provide outstanding service that offers premium value to our students
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions with students and each other.
We work as a team across boundaries, to meet the needs of our students.